hazelnut oil

Rich in omega 3-6-9 fatty acids, vitamins e, b1, b6, catechins, and tannins.

It is intended for oily and sensitive skin, hydrates and makes it flexible. It retains humidity and prevents drying.

external use

-intended for oily and sensitive skin, hydrates and makes it flexible
-retains skin moisture and prevents drying
-against acne and pimples, it shrinks pores and removes bacteria
-provides sun protection, renews skin cells
-eyebrow and eyelash care, cuticle reduction
-it maintains hair color, tones it and moisturizes it
-luxury massage oil

internal use

-for baking, roasting, cooking, stewing withstands temperatures up to 221 c
-for cakes, treats, salads
-for grilled dishes, fish topping, pasta and sauces
-to reduce fat deposits, lower cholesterol and reduce weight loss
-prevention of cardiovascular disease and diabetes
-encourages mood, memory, and concentration
-contributes to capillary strengthening, relieves symptoms of atherosclerosis
-prevent anemia and reduces snoring
-to prevent gallstone formation and to calm the bowel