What are
cold-pressed oils?

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Cold-pressed oils are oils obtained solely by the application of mechanical pressure (pressurized squeezing) at controlled temperatures, and no colvent is used in the oil extraction process.

The contolled temperature and the absence of solvent allow the maximum nutritional composition and aroma of the feedstock to be maintained. These oils are stable without the addition of stabilizers and additives for a long period of time.

Cold-pressed edible vegetable oils are obtained by pressing only one type of raw material at low temperatures as opposed to virgin and without using, solvents other than refined.

Hazelnut oil

It is intented for oily and sensitive skin, hydrates and makes it flexible. Retains humidity and prevents drying.

Helps against acne and pimples, it shrinks pores and removes bacteria

Plum kernel oil

Use for dry and mature skin, nourishes, protects, hydrates and gives it elasticity, helps fight wrinkles and prevents them from forming. Eliminates dark circles, spots and fire lines of the skin

Reduces irritation, helps to eliminate burns and scars

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