Naša radnja bavi se proizvodnjom hladno presovanih jestivih biljnih ulja i proteinskih brašna isključivo od domaćih sirovina.

The love of nature, the natural resources of our country, have inspired us to/ take the highest quality ingredients from it, to try and share with everyone/ who respects her and believes in her strong healing power.


These products are intended for indoor and outdoor use. All products are vegan, that is, they do not contain ingredients of animal origin as well as gluten.

production is carried out according to the HACCP system and all products have safety certificates.


In addition to love for nature and all its benefits, old proven recipes, we believe in the expertise of our young people.

Control of the production process is perfomed by the master of biochemistry, phd candidate of the chemical institute.


Production is completely natural, everything is manually inspected, deposited, there is no filtration, refining.

As our products have proven to be excellent for care and beauty, we have also launched a section of natural handmade cosmetics to allow every part of the body to enjoy the benefits that our oils provide.

Products contain a high percentage od active ingredients from organically grown herbs.

Blend of base and essential oils is designed to be combined with aroma ther apy in addition to maximum skin care, regulating physical, emotional and psychological balance, refreshing the tired body, calming the over-stimulated nerves and/ improving mood.

The pursuit of harmony has inspired us to think carefully about products, and we pack all the gifts from nature together so that they positively affect all our senses.